Personal Account


Client's ChronoPay Personal Account is intended for downloading financial reports and for the monitoring and analysis of transactions.

  • Real-time transaction viewing, money refund.
  • Generation of financial statements and invoices.
  • Graphic statistical data on the turnover, number of transactions, average bill, preferred payment type, inflow of new buyers, reasons for transaction rejection, and geography of buyers by regions of Russia and countries of the world.
  • Statistical data on the average turnover per hour, quarter of the day, and day of the week during the selected time frame (Pulse tool). Furthermore, the system takes holidays into account to maintain the objectivity of calculations (e.g., when the income tax turnover is calculated for a year, the system does not account for income tax turnover falling on the New Year's holidays, when a considerable decrease in sales can be observed).
  • Detailed conversion statistics: the number of successfully paid orders out of the total number of orders.
Advantages for a business customer:
  • Increased conversion.
  • Sales analytics: geography of buyers, preferred payment methods, dependence of the turnover on the day of the week and time of the day, etc.
Competitive advantages:

Unlike its competitors, ChronoPay offers:

  • Calculation of conversion and coefficients that affect it, and their possible further optimization by ChronoPay specialists.
  • Statistical data represented in the form of graphs: turnover, number of transactions, types of payments, inflow of new clients, geography of buyers, average turnover for the selected time period on a specific day of the week and time of the day.