Onc Click


Saves a registered buyer's card data to enable payment of all further purchases by entering only the CVV code.

  • Buyer identification in the Seller's payment system and in ChronoPay
  • Storage and identification of parent transactions and masks of the Buyer's bank cards in the Seller's system
  • Association (linking) of the Buyer's bank card
  • Verification by the Buyer of a new purchase made using a previously saved card
  • Input of the details of a Buyer's new bank card in the Seller's system
Related ChronoPay services:
  • Partial 3DS - a service that enables partial deactivation of the 3DS protocol using fine tuning of the
    filters of fraudulent transaction monitoring systems (Anti-Fraud), which are adjusted depending on
    the activity type, preset payment limits, and the number of transactions processed within the required
  • Anti-Fraud – a proprietary ChronoPay service for the prevention and minimization of the amount of
    fraudulent transactions
Advantages for a business customer:
  • Increased conversion
  • Increase in the number of spontaneous purchases
  • Enhancement of buyer loyalty
Advantages for a cardholder:
  • Time savings and convenient payments
  • Protection from card data input errors
Competitive advantages:

Unlike its competitors, ChronoPay provides for storage of all of a buyer's cards and
management of cards (adding a new card, deleting a card) fully on its side.