IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


The ChronoPay IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service was designed for making online payments with bank cards using a mobile or landline telephone.


IVR allows the subscriber to access the necessary information using a special voice menu by pressing buttons in the touch-tone dialing mode (or with the help of voice recognition technology). IVR can be also used to forward calls within the Call Center / Contact Center, ensuring a reasonable workload for the operators in accordance with their specialization.

Related ChronoPay services:
  • One Click – a service that saves a registered buyer's card data to enable payment of all further purchases by entering only the CVV code
  • Anti-Fraud – a proprietary ChronoPay service for the prevention and minimization of the amount of fraudulent transactions
Advantages for a business customer:
  • Enhancement of conversion by way of immediate payment of services
  • Expansion of the geography of clients
  • Reduction of logistic and back office expenses
  • Enhancement of customer loyalty
Advantages for a cardholder:
  • Purchasing without Internet access
  • The cardholder is outside the regions of the business customer's presence
  • 24/7 service in any part of the world
  • Time savings and convenient payments
Competitive advantages:

Unline in competing solutions, all stages of order processing are managed by ChronoPay:

  • Identification and authentication of the caller by telephone number
  • Card data processing
  • Payment processing

This allows ChronoPay to obtain the necessary information for the full exclusion of fraudulent transactions using the Anti-Fraud system.