General information

General information
  1. We work with the companies, startups and individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Currently, СhronoPay service accepts Visa\Mastercard, Webmoney, Qiwi and YandexMoney from the Russia, Belarus and European Union.
  3. Our fee begins from 0,5% and formed by type of your business and turnover. You are welcome to ask additional questions about fees after completion the application below this page
  4. You can choose one of more than 10 integrated banks – acquirers, after consultation with our manager, and get your incoming funds directly from the bank.
  5. We have smart integration solutions with most popular CMS, so your connection to ChronoPay services will fast and simple.
Connection step-by-step
  1. Leave your application on our website, by completing the short web – form, and get message of successful receiving of your request. Your application shall be examined within 1 hour, and our manager shall contact with you to discuss details of cooperation. Why so fast? Because we value your time.
  2. After pre – approval you’ll receive documentary list for Agreement conclusion. Documents are handled by e-mail. Then you should to specify legal information about your business and do a checklist in your Personal Account. All required documents are available to downloading and sending in your Personal account. After providing us with the copies of required documents, we begin next step of integration.
  3. We give you test mode to make integration to our processing as well as technical documentation and access to client interface, and your technical specialists are configure your system to our services. After your approving of the agreement, our manager will send you the signed copy.
  4. From this moment you can make online transaction reports using client interface, and receive online payments
Payment scheme by card
  1. After order form completition buyer will be redirected to secured page, where he typing the card data (the card number, its expiration date, three last figures on the strip for signature).
  2. Chronopay send authorization request (request for permission of the issuing bank to debit funds from the card) to acquirer. Payment is considered made after authorization of buyer’s card.
  3. Acquirer sends authorization request to Visa/MasterCard.
  4. Visa/MasterCard redirects the request from the acquirer bank to the bank to the issuer.
  5. Issuer holds the funds on the buyer’s card, and sends positive reply via Visa\MasterCard back to Acquirer
  6. ChronoPay gets answer from Acquirer and translating positive reply to the merchant.
  7. For the next day Accquirer transfers funds of “yesterday” to trading company.
  8. ChronoPay monitors all of these actions, provides full analytics, statistics and provides security of the trading company from fraudulent transactions.