Payment Page Customization


Designing the payment page in the client's corporate style increases the number of contacts with
the client's Brand and, as a result, increases buyers' trust in the trading platform.


Customization makes it possible to design the ChronoPay payment form in the style of the trading
site and to place its logo on the page.

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  • One Click – a service that saves a registered buyer's card data to enable payment of all further
    purchases by entering only the CVV code.
Advantages for a business customer:
  • Increased conversion
  • Increased number of contacts with the brand (brand recognition)
Advantages for a cardholder:
  • Increased trust in the trading platform
Competitive advantages:

Unlike its competitors, ChronoPay offers different methods for designing payment pages – either
by our specialists in full (design, layout) according to the client's brand, or by way of creating
payment pages using ready-made graphic templates.