This proprietary ChronoPay service prevents and minimizes fraudulent transactions and protects the point of sale from ending up in the Fraud Monitoring program and from possible fines imposed by international payment systems (IPSs).

Related ChronoPay services
  • Card Acquiring - acceptance of payments using VISA, MasterCard, and American Express bank cards.
  • Preliminary automatic monitoring (PreMonitoring) on the basis of more than 200 filters
  • MaxMind minFraud suspicious transaction detection service
  • Manual verification of transactions by a company specialist (PostMonitoring)
Advantages for a business customer:
  • Reduction of fraudulent payments, for which the money has been refunded
  • Protection from ending up in Fraud Monitoring programs and possible fines imposed by IPSs
Competitive advantages:
  • Over 200 filters generated throughout the period of ChronoPay's operation
  • Customized Anti-Fraud system settings for each business model