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9 Oct 2015
Jeroen Smit

Personal Data: vision of ChronoPay

CEO ChronoPay Holding B.V. (Netherlands) Jeroen Smit will share his vision regarding all details of new Russian Federal law “On Personal Data” with European colleagues The IV International Conference eCom21, which is one of the biggest events in the Baltic region, will be held on 19-20 November in Riga. ChronoPay will be represent with one […]

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5 Oct 2015

ChronoPay: Dutch Success Story in Baltic region

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Baltic marked ChronoPay as one of the most successful companies in the Baltic region. The Trade department of the Embassy (hollandbalticbusiness.nl) has posted information about Chronopay bracketing the latter with other successful Dutch companies operating in the Baltic region. Such companies and organizations as AirBaltic, […]

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