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21 Jan 2019

How to prepare the website for accepting payments


To accept payments via the Internet, the company’s website must meet certain requirements. The list of requirements for the Internet site is formed not only on the rules established by financial organizations (such as acquiring banks or card organizations – Visa, MasterCard, etc.), but also taking into account the criteria that make payments acceptance more profitable and easy management.

Compliance with these requirements allows to get a quick approval of the website by each of the process participants (bank, payment service provider, …), to make the website more informative and convenient for the consumer, as well as to ensure high conversion and the minimum number of return transactions.


Mandatory requirements to online store


The requirements given below are mandatory, they must be met if you want the ChronoPay Company  staff to be able to connect your online store to accept payments.


How to place details and the company information on the website

It is necessary to place a logo and company name in a visible place. It is also necessary to place the company details with TIN, Company ID, legal and actual address of the organization in the contact information of the online store, to specify information for communication (company phone number and e-mail address support).

Description of goods and services provided by online store

Provide a complete description of goods and services that you offer. Consumers should have a clear understanding of what they buy and what they pay money for.

If you sell clothes, you should specify size, color, style … If you sell electronic devices, specify technical requirements, type of connectors, availability of batteries, etc. Each product requires a complete description of goods or services in order to fully understand the business case of both a consumer and a bank acquirer that provides payments acceptance on your website.

Price of goods or services placement on the website of online store

Your visitors should be able to find out the exact price and currency of the transaction before purchasing a product or ordering a service at your online store. If you are focused on the foreign market and get payments in foreign currency, you need to be able to specify the currency in rubles, since your company is registered in the Russian Federation and must comply with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Privacy policy and terms of payment, return of goods / services placement

In the privacy policy, you are required to provide information on the confidential processing of all customer data received.

In addition, if you have not explicitly indicated the following information elsewhere on your Internet site, you should include it in terms of service, where you must clearly indicate all measures taken to ensure the security of transactions (for example SSL encryption).

The return policy must clearly indicate the procedure of returning and canceling an order, returning goods, etc. Such information should be easily available before purchase.

You can include such statements in the terms of service, although in most cases it is better if the refund policy is put into a separate document (sub-page), thus it will be easier for consumers to find it.


Recommendations on design of the website for accepting payments


Points provided below increase the probability of approval of the website for acceptance of payments. We insistently advise to consider these recommendations as they improve quality of communications with the consumer and help to avoid misunderstanding.


Delivery service of goods purchased in the online store

Make sure that the site describes the delivery options, the cost, the estimated time and other terms of service delivery.

Export restrictions of goods

If necessary, indicate any possible restrictions on shipping goods to other countries (for example, additional shipping charges, taxes, delivery time).

Recommendations on saving a copy of transaction data

It is recommended to notify clients on need to keep the copy of transaction information. It helps both parties to refer to concrete purchase, concerning any questions, such as return of goods, the claim, etc.

Please note that each transaction must always be assigned with a unique identification number, which will uniquely identify it.

Logo placement of payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, MIR

If you make payments by credit cards, you need to place their logos on the payment page.
There are a number of rules governing the placement of such logos. For example, none of them should be put at a disadvantage in relation to other means of payment, they should not be placed in such a way that they can be randomly classified as suppliers, etc.

The ChronoPay customers can use logos of the following systems: MIR, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.



For any questions about design of your website pages you can contact our specialists for advice at phone number / e-mail address:  + 7 (495) 780 30 60 / info@chronopay.com

In addition, within the contract of service of online payments, we provide service for execution of the payment page of the client in the style of its website, using visual elements and customer logos.

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