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29 May 2017

ChronoPay will support Bitcoin & Blockchain revolution


Perhaps one of the most noticeable worldwide processing company in Russia starts to use bitcoins. Among the clients of the ChronoPay there are dozens of leading charitable organizations Greenpeace and WWF, MTS and Tele2, cellular service providers which operate on a federal level and high-profile media outlets the Moscow Times and Kommersant. There also thousands of various enterprises such as Afisha.ru and Far-eastern Energy Company. All of them now have the technical capacity to receive payments in bitcoin via their proper web-sites.

The bitcoin market potential has shown an explosive growth in the year 2017, largely triggered by the surge in the demand for other digital currency, sold in the framework of the so-called Initial Coin Offering (ICO), similarly to the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Within ICO, block-start-ups sell their tokens directly to the public to attract capital without any regulatory control. According to Smith + Crown, at least 40 start-ups conducted ICO this year. As a result, on May 20, the Bitcoin price reached $ 2000.

And now all this huge and fast-growing market becomes available to your business. Connect to ChronoPay – connect to the blockchain-revolution!


Pavel Vrublevsky, the founder of ChronoPay, said: “For a long time, I have been extremely skeptical about Bitcoins and blockade, including criticizing these initiatives in public, I hate the Komsomol very much, but having thoroughly studied the subject, I apologize to everyone – I’ve changed my point of view radically. It is a real revolution in the payment industry probably and we will do everything to participate in this movement. The first and simplest step out of our planned steps in this direction is to support payments in Bitcoin. ”

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that uses the same unit of account and the same data transfer protocol. Cryptographic methods are used to ensure the functioning and protection of the system. All information about transactions between system addresses is available in clear form. Founded in 2009, gains more than 6 million users.

ChronoPay is an international processing company that has been working in the field of payments processing of bank cards and other payment instruments on the Internet since 2003. ChronoPay payment platform provides the opportunity to accept bank cards of international payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro and other popular regional payment systems. ChronoPay payment gateway supports 158 currencies, which allows you to arrange payment on the websites of any country in the world almost. The company meets the security standard PCI DSS and is one of the leading providers of online payments in Russia.



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