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4 Jul 2016

Chronopay announces partnership with Tele2

Chronopay is proud to announce the start of a cooperation between Tele2 and Chronopay. Chronopay makes it possible, for all Tele2 customers, to make use of “Avtoplatezh” (recurring payments). This service is processed by the secure technology Chronopay has to offer.

In June 2016, the number of “Avtoplatezh” users reached an astonishing 3,7 million customers. The cellular operator, Tele2, is processing more than 2 million recurring payments each day. Through multi-querying technology, Chronopay provides a reliable and timely top-up process to all Tele2 subscribers.
The “Avtoplatezh” is especially popular among the most active Tele2 mobile users who always want to stay connected. By offering this service option, Tele2 subscribers can top-up their balance any time which leads to an increase of the ARPU (Average Revenu Per User). Reporting shows that the ARPU of the “Avtoplatezh” users is on average 6% higher than the Tele2 subscribers who are not making use of this payment-option.

Chronopay is one of the leading Payment Service Providers on the European market.
The company is HeadQuarted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and enjoys and exceptional track-record of annual growth. The international Chronopay team consists of very experienced and knowledgeable team members within the payment industry. Decades of collective experience results in a company with a clear vision for the future. Chronopay meets the highest standard as set by the major credit card organizations, Visa Card and Master Card. (PCI compliance).
Tele2 is a global telecommunications provider founded in 2011 in Sweden. In Russia, Tele2 provided its services to more than 23 million subscribers.

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